Bring a sense of connection and purpose to your organisation

Teams On Purpose can help you create a cohesive and empowered team

Building efficient, aligned and empowered teams

At Teams On Purpose, we are driven by the belief that workplaces can provide opportunities for people to make a difference, connect with others and experience profound personal and professional growth. We help individuals, teams and organisations thrive by supporting them to develop their capability for innovation, collaboration and leadership.

We do this through team development, strategic workshops, leadership development and executive coaching. Our clients are medium to large organisations within South Australia and interstate, spanning local government, private businesses and not for profits.  

Anita Schneyder

Teams On Purpose Founder and Lead Consultant

Our Services

At Teams On Purpose, we support individuals, teams and organisations to develop their capability for strategic thinking and leadership.  

Teams On Purpose helps individuals, teams and organisations thrive

Improve team coherance and motivation

Build leadership capability

Define business goals and initiatives

Support staff through structural change or new management

Succession planning and knowledge transfer

Gain coherence on team direction

Reconnect and re-focus on business priorities

Anita Schneyder