Anita Schneyder

Meet Anita Schneyder

Anita combines a warm, authentic coaching style with bona fide management experience. She has a background of team leadership and lived experience of the different ‘hats’ that leaders are required to wear. This gives her a practical understanding of the challenges and perspectives that come with different roles and the importance of a harmonious, aligned approach. 

Founder & Head Consultant

Anita is our head consultant and designs and delivers custom-made team and leadership programs for Teams On Purpose clients. She values clients’ input and collaborates to create team development and leadership opportunities which align with the organisations’ culture and needs. 

Anita’s down to earth, authentic personality creates an atmosphere of fun and calm focus, supporting participants to feel safe and inspired to fully engage with the process.

When she’s not at the helm of Teams On Purpose, Anita’s passions include good food and wine, amazing conversation, adventure, laughter and dancing like no one’s watching. She is a director and treasurer for Bendigo Community Bank and program coordinator for Fleurieu Future Leaders Program—an annual community leadership and management initiative. 

Workplaces can provide opportunities to make a difference, connect with others and experience profound personal and professional growth.

– Anita Schneyder, Founder,  Teams On Purpose.