About Teams On Purpose

Building efficient, aligned and empowered teams

High-performing teams are the cornerstone of any thriving organisation.

At Teams On Purpose, we help individuals, teams and organisations thrive by supporting them to develop their capability for innovation, collaboration, leadership and growth. 

Teams On Purpose was created with the belief that with all the right elements in place, workplaces can provide opportunities for people to make a difference, connect with others and experience profound growth. Healthy workplaces provide a rich environment to bring out the very best in human nature, creating happy, purposeful teams who take their organisations to great heights and experience deep fulfilment through their work. 

What we can do for you

Our aim is to support individuals and teams to build on their own inner capability for innovation, collaboration and leadership: creating high-performing teams which live and breathe authenticity, openness, integrity, and trust.

Better teams mean better companies.
Better companies mean better communities.
And better communities mean a better life for all of us.

We know that there is a direct correlation between a team culture of high performance, personal mastery and collaboration and increased profitability, higher standards of delivery and attracting and retaining the very best talent.  

What do high performing teams look like?

At Teams On Purpose, we support individuals to embrace new levels of performance, creativity and courage in their work. They learn the skills of self-mastery and wise, visionary leadership, going about their work in a way that delivers meaningful results for the organisation, their team and their own sense of satisfaction and self-worth. 

For organisations, high-performing teams mean greater effectiveness and an enriching environment that fosters increased productivity and profitability, improved customer experience, attracting and retaining the best talent, and a culture of continuous improvement, with freedom to innovate, pivot and grow. 

Anita Schneyder

Teams On Purpose Founder and Lead Consultant

Work with us

At Teams On Purpose, we work with medium to large organisations within South Australia and interstate. Our clients span local government, private businesses and not for profits. Often our clients are going through a period of change, or looking to build leadership and engagement within their teams.