My Passion For Leadership

From accountant to leadership specialist

When you are good with numbers and have sound business acumen, you often get promoted. Later in my career I found myself in a General Manager position, leading a small team. Although I was excited and challenged by this opportunity, I had little leadership knowledge and experience. I did know that I did not want to repeat the same mistakes of the bosses I had worked for in the past. 

I needed to upskill and upskill quickly if I was to succeed in this role. I enrolled in short courses, read books and soaked up knowledge like a sponge. I practiced these learnings back on my work team, experiencing some tough life lessons when my newfound learnings didn’t go to plan. As part of this journey, I enrolled in a leadership program which helped me to pivot, find my purpose and led to a career change in team and leadership consulting.

Lessons in Gratitude

I am grateful for the leaders I’ve worked for throughout my career, both the positive and negative experiences. The lessons I’ve learned from ‘poor’ leaders have proven invaluable, serving as a blueprint for what not to do and in turn, guiding my path toward effective leadership.

These experiences have sparked my desire to reshape and transform leadership in the workplace. My aim is to ensure that no one else experiences the same challenges that I did, fostering an environment where employees are empowered, motivated and genuinely valued.

Bringing Humanity into the workplace

In today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to become consumed with the relentless pursuit of checking items off our ‘To-Do List,’ often overlooking the human aspect of work. I’m driven by a deep-seated belief in infusing workplaces with a strong sense of humanity.

My core philosophy is centered on valuing each individual’s unique contributions and superpowers, rejecting the notion of treating people as mere numbers or a means to an end. Instead, believing that everyone brings something exceptional to the table and fostering environments where individuals are not only encouraged to thrive but are celebrated for their distinct qualities.

I am on a journey to redefine work, placing people at the forefront. 

Are You a Leader?

Everyone leads at some point in their lives. You don’t need a position of power or title to be a leader. Leadership is a profound ability to influence and inspire and while some of us are born with innate leadership traits, most of us cultivate and refine these skills over time. True leadership emerges through practice, dedication and continuous growth.

I challenged many of the previously held assumptions I held about leadership. I discovered that we aren’t all born with natural leadership characteristics BUT we can develop a leadership mindset and tools over time.

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