Our Partners

Our Partners

Teams on Purpose consultants have decades of experience delivering tailored team and leadership programs. We believe in using the collective strengths of our partners to get the best results for our clients.

Charles Manning - Face the World

Charles is a team coach & facilitator, a developer of leaders & managers and enjoys helping people deal with change & plan their lives.

With his unique visual facilitation style, Charles assists businesses to design, implement & support organisational alignment and direction. He confidently guides clients through key principles that will instantly lift their effectiveness and does so in an engaging way. He is constantly bringing new ideas to clients and facilitates workshops that are fun and impactful.


  • Is a creator and innovator.
  • Willing to develop new ideas and challenge the status quo.
  • A heart-led leader who invests in relationships with his clients.
  • Offers great thinking in strategic planning and leadership effectiveness.

Charles’ confidence in delivering messages that help his clients learn, develop and grow, delivers a high value, positive client experience.

Tim Gill - Qurios Group

Tim has ‘in the trenches’ experience of working in a diverse range of teams in challenging environments, Tim’s ability to bring the lessons into helping others navigate their challenges, learn, develop and grow is powerful. This is complemented by his ability to guide conversation in a way that promotes learning and facilitates change bringing high value experiences to his clients.

As a seasoned facilitator and coach Tim has incredible listening skills, he is able to contextualise what he has heard and present it back with highly informed thought and clarity. His broad experience working with a wide range of sectors, at high level through to operational teams, brings rich stories and knowledge from Antarctica to Energy in Western Australia and wine/spirits across New Zealand and Australia.

Tim is upfront, honest and reliable. He works with clients to deliver practical outcomes, build rapport and stays in touch. He uses real stories to illustrate models and deliver powerful learning for participants.

Workplaces can provide opportunities to make a difference, connect with others and experience profound personal and professional growth.

– Anita Schneyder, Founder,  Teams On Purpose.